Sunday, November 6, 2011

Movie Review: Dolphin Tale

I never write movie reviews because by the time I do the movie I’m reviewing is a dvd covered in dust on your bookshelf. (I can’t justify fifteen dollars for a large bucket of theater popcorn.) But tonight a friend invited me to the discount theater to watch “Dolphin Tale.” It was well worth the price of the ticket and the popcorn.

I won’t spoil it except to offer my own reflections on the film:

“Dolphin Tale” is a story about hand-di-cap:

A disadvantage that makes achievement unusually difficult. (Merriam Webster dictionary).

It’s a story about removing the “dis” from “advantage” and realizing the role of personal suffering in reaching out to others with compassion.

It’s about recognizing the difference between being “hurt” and being “broken.”

It’s about being stripped of excuses….

As I watched the true story of Winter the tail-less dolphin, Kyle the “leg-less” swimmer and Sawyer the fatherless kid, I wondered…

How long will I allow my own “handicap” to excuse me from achieving what God has placed in my heart and hands to achieve?

And you? What is it that keeps you bound to the chair, like Kyle? Swimming in circles, like Winter? And on the brink of giving up, like Dr. Haskett?

Is it the lack of finances?

The want of a spouse?

A house?

A missing limb, or college degree?

May I remind you, “No one in his right mind would try to put a tail on a fish.” Sometimes our minds get more in the way of achievement than our handicaps.

Sometimes we need to shake off crippling thoughts, listen to our hearts, take the plunge and swim full speed ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Good thoughts- thanks for sharing, I'll probably end up in the discount theater myself to see it soon. :-)